A Life Free of Pain

In 2004 Channel 4 aired the moving film ‘The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off’.

It followed the final few months in the life of Jonny Kennedy, who was born with dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa, the inherited variant of a group of rare medical conditions known as epidermolysis bullosa.

There is no cure for EB, which causes the skin to become extremely fragile and to blister and tear at the slightest touch. As a result, sufferers experience constant and extreme pain. Debra is the national charity and patient support group for people living with the condition.

This November, we are supporting Debra as they launch a small test fundraising campaign to raise awareness of the rare skin condition.

The campaign message draws attention to the enduring pain that is suffered and states the instinctive reaction in us all, ‘No one should have to live like this’, using #StopThePain.

This initial “toe in the water” will tap into the high levels of economic reach and frequency delivered by paid social channels. The learnings from the campaign will inform wider channel selection in potential roll out activity in early 2023.

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