Media Doing Good

"Don't panic! I have no idea what this is yet." The Whatsapp message attached to an image of draft creative ideas that had us excited from the off.

And so began the process that started in July and made it over the line in December. Not quite the late Summer launch we'd envisaged but holidays and work, and more work, and a bit more work, just meant it all hummed along pleasantly in the background for a while.

It feels right to log the launch of a website we're so proud of, and have put so much work into. But the point of this post is not to pat ourselves on the back, it's to celebrate the people who made it happen.

It's a rare thing indeed to share a vision, one which is more of a feeling than an actual thing, only to see it made glorious reality in a first iteration. Dave Sedgwick of StudioDBD did just that for us. How did he know what was in our heads when even we didn't, until he showed it to us? The man is not only a gifted designer, he always had an answer and made the process a joy.

This is being delightedly typed into the easiest CMS ever thanks to the brilliant, and patient, developer Maria Nery who morphed from freelance into employment mid build, but burnt the midnight oil to make sure we had our site when we needed it.

Deeply chilled and talented photographer Lauren Quarmby managed to take the pain out of being in front of a lens and delivered headshots we could bear to look at - result!

Lastly, Copywriter Trak Ellis-Hill, whose CV intimidated the bejeebers out of us, but who took us on and knocked us into shape in her unique and lovely way. All the good bits are hers.

Design by: StudioDBD