Greenpeace The Big Plastic Count
The Challenge

Greenpeace wanted to put pressure on the UK government, to address the plastic usage issue within their long term environmental targets set in autumn 2022. They developed The Big Plastic Count, a campaign asking households to record their plastic use for a week.

The Ask

Generate a high impact media plan to create awareness of the campaign across the UK and drive sign ups, with video and audio at the heart of communications encouraging families to get involved.

What We Did

With terrestrial media off the table, due to political advertising laws, we delivered high level awareness through a smart multimedia approach and meticulous targeting, encompassing direct response options to convert awareness into action. Greenpeace pulled off the biggest plastic count in history.

How we did it

Devised a highly targeted YouTube campaign. Used a mix of targeted DAX in-app listening and sponsorship of environmentally focussed podcasts. Reached Guardian readers through an online display campaign cut across a mix of demographic, environmentally focused and contextual audiences.

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