RCN Pay Awards Campaign
RCN Enough is Enough
The Challenge

The NHS is in crisis, and both nurses and the public alike are suffering and at risk. In this climate, the RCN was fighting for safer staffing and fair pay for their members and launched the biggest ever strike ballot in their 106 year history.

The Ask

Engage with more than 300,000 RCN members and urge them to vote yes to strike action. Reach out to the public about the nurses' plight to encourage widespread support for their cause and maintain pressure on the Government. Create maximum noise, to a mass audience, without a broadcast option, on a budget, and give it PR legs.

What We Did

Devised a highly tactical maximum impact strategy that harnessed significant news events to amplify its message - such as the announcement of Liz Truss as the new PM and the launch of the strike ballot itself. On November 9th 2022 RCN members voted to strike at the majority of NHS employers across the UK.

How we did it

A Westminster focussed campaign synced to Liz Truss's first PMQs. A nationwide 6 sheet campaign switching creative and location monthly to maximise cover. On ballot day, iconic digital sites in major cities nationwide and full-page colour ads in most national press titles.

"Root supported us at a critical time in our campaign for fair pay and safe staffing. They are responsive, committed and patient and went the extra mile to understand our objectives and ensure we could have maximum impact with resources available. They're great at staying calm under pressure and guiding us through complex briefs."

Monomita Raksit, RCN Campaigns Manager

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