Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health
ACAMH Google Ad Grant
The Challenge

Take an inactive and previously lacklustre ad grant. Reinstate it and transform it to drive
targeted search traffic at volume into key website areas ahead of a new development phase for
ACAMH, a nonprofit membership organisation.

The Ask

Signpost a vast library of information for professionals and academics to capture its in-market
demand. Use detailed planning data to segment multiple search themes & topics and forecast
budget splits.

What We Did

We quickly achieved the maximum ad grant allowance, and maintained it, whilst comfortably
doubling Google's required 5% CTRs, driving more than 58,000 website visits in the eight
months to date.

How we did it

Extensive keyword research to uncover over 3,000 search terms. Meticulous segmentation work
to outline over 20 master themes and 174 sub-themes. Created a forecasting tool to
demonstrate investment strategies aligned to the Ad Grant $10,000 cap. All carefully delivered
within best practice guidelines and with tailored performance reports.

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ACAMH Google Ad Grant
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