Mental Health UK
MHUK Building a New Events Strategy
The Challenge

For the first time, Mental Health UK wanted to run a complete programme of 3rd party events, blended with their own, as part of a fundamental redesign of their events strategy aimed at boosting fundraising following the impact of the pandemic.

The Ask

Create a test-and-learn series of small budget media campaigns to support specific events on the calendar, capture interest and convert it into action - optimising the number of participants for each event.

What We Did

75% of events in Year 1 returned highly positive ROIs shaping the programme for 2023. For example, new event ‘Glow,’ launched successfully in Year 1, sold out all 300 places when reprised in Autumn 2022, and is now geared for an ambitious rollout in 2023.

How we did it

Launched small but mighty campaigns with super diligent spending that packed a punch. Zero tolerance to complacency, reacting to performance fatigue with speed. Smart use of paid social and paid search. Careful geo-targeting, consulting on punchier ad messaging to cut through and provoke action.

"Working with Root has had a direct impact on the number of people we sign up to events!. The results have been better than we could have imagined. They are professional and fabulous." Jemima Woolgar, Head of Community Events & Fundraising, Mental Health U.K.

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MHUK Building a New Events Strategy
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