England’s Community Forests
ECF Trees for Climate
The Challenge

England's Community Forests manage a government funding scheme operating as 'Trees for
Climate', and they face some tough but exciting targets for tree planting. The programme is
thriving, but they must keep working hard to get new enquiries from people with land where
trees can be planted.

The Ask

Raise awareness of the 'Trees for Climate' opportunity amongst those with land. Drive enquiries
at scale, enabling ECF to work with owners to convert more land into Forestry and continue
their fight to combat climate change.

What We Did

Achieved an outstanding CTR of 5.3% from a niche target audience. Conversions were high,
generating warm enquiries that far exceeded the expectations of England's Community Forests.
Such was the campaign's success; it's now extending until the end of March 2023.

How we did it

Tight geo-location targeting applied across a paid search campaign. We deployed over 50
postcode targets, each with a tailored radius to refine the locations covered. In conjunction with
detailed keyword research and tightly themed ads, this helped drive far above average

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